A UK tv documentary featuring 3 trans attracted men and 3 trans women

I’m very interested in your opinions on the portrayal of the men in this doc. I personally think the director is a biased hetero married male who has sensationalized subject a bit and find some of his narration and images used offensive. I applaud the people who participated and openness of their stories. I’m looking forward to more sensitive treatments of this subject from filmmakers from within the community.

I watched that one, actually I wrote a (rather negative) review about it in my blog: https://mytranssexualdate.com/blog/2015/10/sex-diaries-trans-lovers

I just read your review. I agree with a lot of what you write and I don’t like the directors point of view, however I have to say one has to show it like it is. It’s a fact many men are chasers. Many are just curious. Many are in it for the easy sex. Many are into the drugs, orgies, escorts and party lifestyle. Many are married or have girlfriends. And some are into serious committed relationships. Guys like you are a minority. Trans who are not using sex work are also a minority. Yes the director wanted to sell his show to a large audience on Chanel 4 but he also showed what the majority of people are up to.

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i watched the documentary and what you said was true. well said

your blog was on point whats sad though is that the first guy Maurice is the most common dude that most trans women meet. The director i can agree his point of view was off however he did mention about the dating websites made for transwomen are primarily geared towards sex not actually making relationships. But overral it was a nice documentary…the last guy andy needs to go buy one of those art of seduction books and do some research on what and what not to say to a transwomen the whole scene when he was at the club made me cringe.