Coming out as transgender or trans-attracted

There is a beautiful transgender woman that I follow on social media and the other day she was talking about coming out when she was in her late teens. I mentioned this to my girlfriend and she was dismayed. She said that this woman never got to experience being a girl and growing up as a girl.

My girlfriend has never “come out” to her friends and family. By this I mean that she has been a girl her entire life. Her parents accepted her identity even when she was very young. She cannot remember ever being anything else and she always wore her hair long as well as female clothes.

Her experience as a transgender woman is much different than that of the woman that I first mentioned and probably rare. This may account for her acceptance of her body and lack of dysphoria. She is who she is and she always has been.

It’s not so easy for the rest of us both transgender and trans-attracted. We suffer in silence. My relationship with my girlfriend has made me want to come out and live openly. However I am waiting to be sure that our relationship endures before I go ahead. So I am definitely thinking about it and how to navigate the discussion.

I have no analogous experience to yours, but I just wanted to tell you I think it’s kind of you to want to do this.