Cyril, 28, Philippines


I am a 28 yo French man who’s been living in the Philippines for around 4 years. Why am I living here? Because my girlfriend is a Filipino, and yes she is a transgender woman. We’d rather live in the Philippines where life is good and cheap than moving to France where it rains all the time and life is expensive and depressing. We are a practical couple.

I am an online entrepreneur, in 2013 I opened a dating site for transgender women that you might have heard of: My Transsexual Date and as of now I am still working full time on it. My goal is to help every trans women find love, and contribute to the acceptance of trans women and trans couples in our society through educational projects like this present forum.

Oh and I am an admin of this forum yes, so if you have any question or need any help, feel free to ask me of course.



Cyril, I hope my first post wasn’t too overwhelming for what appears to be a new site. Boy, am I in a pickle.

I hope You could help me out as well

Hi Rosita, how can I help you?