Deep down are we hopeless 'Chasers'?

I have a confession. A deep dark confession. My attraction to transwomen is exactly that extra part they have that regular women do not. In most transwomen’s eyes that makes me a ‘Chaser’ and I wouldn’t disagree. What about you? If the special woman you’re dating chose to have SRS how would you react? Would if matter less if she was only ever passive in bed? The guys that enjoy receiving, how would you react? Or maybe the better question is…how would that make you feel? I’m sure this bunch would be all “That’s great honey! Whatever makes you happy!” But all BS aside, would you be disappointed?

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Among the most common complaints from transgender women about men is that they are only interested in what’s between their legs. Well, guess what? That’s the exact same complaint their cisgender sisters have about men. Almost all men are chasers for what a woman has between her legs. In the case of most men, it’s a vagina that they are seeking but for some men, it’s a penis that they desire.

A savvy woman knows what a man wants and uses it to her advantage with the right man. Some men’s interest begins and ends with a woman’s genitalia and women quickly figure out who those men are. They are usually ignored in favor of the man for whom this is just the beginning. As they come to know a woman they fall in love with her and what’s between her legs matters less and less. Her personality, her heart and soul become the focus of a man’s passion for her.

I met my girlfriend on a dating site where I was looking for a transgender woman who was a top. Obviously I cared about what was between her legs and what she did with it. Call me a chaser. That was almost two years ago and since then I have become deeply attached to this woman.

I told her the other day that she could have SRS bottom surgery if that was what she wanted. Or that she could take hormones even if it affected her functionality, she could be a bottom, it was fine with me. She looked at me as though I was out of my mind and said, NO!

Of course that made me happy but she makes me happy in so many ways, what is between her legs is the least of it. True, we enjoy making love with each other as top (her) and bottom (me) but our days are filled with lovemaking that is beyond the physical.

So yes, a “chaser” may start with the physical, a pretty face and a lovely penis, but many of us end with a love for a woman’s spirit that makes us forget that she even has a body at all.

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Well said! I love the point that cis women have the same issue and it is so true! I think you might have put this topic to bed with one well made comment. LOL!

I would love to see other comments and opinions. When I was on the dating sites, I talked to hundreds of transgender women. When they would complain about chasers, I always asked them, you don’t think guys are out chasing pussy? You are lucky some guys chase cock because if they were all chasing pussy, where would that leave you? Since the Stone Age, women have used what is between their legs to get responsible caring partners.

I hope more guys weigh in on this topic too, though I imagine you and I talking in a big empty auditorium at the moment. LOL! You are very correct, women had been handling men with what is between their legs since the dawn of time. There is no reason why a transwoman couldn’t do it too. Take heed you Ladies who spook about on this site!

Thank you for starting an interesting topic :blush:

Transattracted, chaser… two words, same thing. Which term you employ depends on your point of view.

I think trans women who disregard men who love them for their “transness” are making their dating lives difficult.

In my experience, the silent majority of trans women are just happy that transattracted men (chasers) exist.

I agree and it would take some love and understanding from both sides. The guy that is obsessed with her “Transness” needs to pump the brakes a little and not let it cloud loving her has a whole, while the lucky girl with a guy that is head over heals for her because of it needs to let him love that part of her too.

When we started, it was all about a mutual physical attraction and what each of us brought to the table in terms of sex - she a top and me a bottom. Eventually that matters less and less until you kind of forget about it. You don’t forget about sex completely but you see each other just as people, just as spirits. If you’re lucky you start with lust but you end up with love.

That is very sweet and how it should be. I’ll be happy to see the message and selfie that says you two are back together!

Can confirm! Well-said.

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