Difficulties dating trans

This article is great to use as a guide for how not to behave with trans people. If we want friends and a healthy dating/relationship experience, it begins with self awareness and the courage to be change old ways that don’t produce the results we desire. As a community we need to move away from judgement and towards compassion. It’s important to forgive each others mistakes and past behavior and forgive ourselves for our own short comings. Let’s dare to be good to ourselves and others. Surely we will earn our self respect and that of others. Trans people have issues trusting men and their intentions. Why not earn that trust by developing a sincere and genuine friendship? After all, wouldn’t you want your potential partner to be a great friend as well?


Great Article, very well said and put.

First for the uninitiated, a Chaser is typically a male who wants to have sex with trans-women but have no intention of developing a meaningful relationship.

Often when I am part of a group and we are discussing guys who we have dated – yes! just remember that does occur – often I hear the statement uttered such as ‘he is just another Tranny-Chaser’. Yes, that’s a word that is a slur in our community and when it is flung at us by cis-people it bites deep; however, our use of this word combination shows just how much Chasers are despised.

We despise Chasers because they reinforce the concept being attracted to transwomen means they can never be public about their true desires and that transwomen are not the kind of people you could ever have a committed relationship with.

So ensure your intentions are honest and be respectful of your date, o’ and have fun and stay safe.

Hugz, Emily :slight_smile: