Gay Boxer Yusaf Mack Is Interested In Dating Only Transgender Women

It would almost be good if only he didn’t call them trannies!

I’d he interested because he’s trans attracted , because him being gay means he likes men and transgender women are women not men!!!

Well good for him though seems more bi/trans attracted than gay or straight. And it’s funny/cute him saying “trannies” lol ! Forgiveness please he’s not the smartest kid on the block. :smile:


Several problems here

  1. He says Trannies, He doesn’t even specify what he means by this and he’s obviously ignorant of the community and terminology also calls Jenner Bruce and he still.
    2.Says he’s gay implying he only likes men yet he’s attracted to people who present as female is he invalidating their gender identity as well
    he may not have the best success with many trans women but maybe more with those who feel they are an in between and i know there are Trans women who like dating gay men

More than likely he likes cis men, women and trans women but just doesn’t really understand it.

My hope is he gets educated on the issues

and one last thing he says he wants to be a lgbt spokesperson but he is an awful speaker.
Good luck to him though would like to see how’s he;s doing in a years time.

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