Hell...houston tx....16...martial artist

Im 16…iv currently realized im trans attracted(only trans attracted)after an experience with a transgender therapist i previously had…iv never had trouble with getting cis gender women of any age…im six 5…i study combat martial arts im a musician…i play at local bars and clubs(lol thats my way in) i have a ti cut…i max 420 bench pressing and 440 dead lift…i have a full beard…so from that image you can see why my sex life with cis gender women has had no problem thriving added with the fact that my former mentor andre ward who i disconnected my self with because when i disclosed my situation he treated it like a diseases that needed to be cured with tones of sex with hot chicks…but iv stoped running from my reality…i live in houston tx now with my bio family and they have expressed a strong hate for lgbt persons and trans attracted men and women…kinda not surprising for any texan to feel that way…but that makes the fact that im gonna date trans women anyway hard…but there so hard to find especially when im unemployed…i cant get employed for shit because i decided to fight off temple grounds or the ring and have to deal with this felony…i just want to fimded and date a nice trans woman…and i dont discriminate on age …because attraction has no set age…:grinning::heart_eyes::kissing_heart: