Hi! And a shill for my substack series about my marriage to a trans woman

Hi folks,

I’m new here, but I’ve been trans-attracted for a long time. I’m still closeted. Life kinda sucks, but whatevs. :wink:

I had a short, disastrous marriage to a Latina trans woman this year. I’ve been writing about it in a place that I’m calling “Echo’s Narcissism” at https://echoroamer.substack.com/ . I write it by way of trying to come to grips with my doomed attraction to Victoria and continued attraction to trans women as well as a lie-free accounting of just what happened in this relationship in order to try to get my mind around it. It is currently … I dunno… like… 10 or 11 chapters long. Its first chapter is Victoria Clocks Out. I would appreciate any feedback about it, either here, or there, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. It’s basically just a normal love story, I guess. I will now commence to reading some of the comments on this forum, because I’m sure you have as-interesting a story as I do.

Thanks for the forum, and I hope this is on-topic.

Hi and welcome,

I’m a trans woman, and I just hang around because I’m curious over why men find trans women attractive - or some trans women at least!

I read your story and its not bad. If its real I feel sad for the guy, if its not real I feel sad for the trans community - yet another story with trans women depicted as the villain. For most of literature history, the few visible trans characters have been either evil or tragically silenced.

More recently, trans people had barely started to see themselves reflected back, albeit imperfectly, and had only just gotten to the point where trans characters were being portrayed as actual people when story tellers changed everything. J.K. Rowling, bless her sweet transphobic soul, being the most recent to do so.

Anyway as I said if its true, I really feel for the guy (you?) … and please remember we are not all like Victoria. But if its fiction, then make a difference and normalise being transgender - tell our truth not our fiction :kissing_heart:


I read the story and I found it hard to relate to the characters. Neither I nor my girlfriend do drugs of any kind. She has never been a sex worker preferring to make her living as a hair dresser.

I don’t judge anyone who is a consumer of drugs or the many transgender women who must make a living doing sex work. It was kind of eye opening reading it actually.

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I was referring to the characters in the story which may or may not be based on real life.

I am sorry if I sounded judgmental. The events in the story were very far removed from my own experiences but it’s good to have ones eyes opened. People probably think the same thing about the stuff I write!

When I was chatting with transgender women, many of them were sex workers or had done sex work. So you are right about that.