House For Sale (2012, short film)

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This short award winning film (18 Minutes) from Canada takes a look at a bi gender person’s relationship with a Trans attracted/Hetero man. Well worth viewing and discussion. Do trans have to conform to a hyper feminine stereo type to be loved or are they loveable as gender fluid people as well? While many trans want to deny and omit their male biology from their life experience, some choose to powerfully embrace it and still prefer to enhance their femininity. Many many trans attracted men desire the male anatomy so why be in denial of reality and just want a fantasy? What is more important the desire for mixed sex body parts or the person?

Nice movie! A lot of trans women can relate to this unfortunately. That’s a good question for a survey for trans attracted men: do you need your partner to be 100% passable / feminine? My educated guess is that most trans attracted men would answer yes. Though on My Transsexual Date, I also saw many profiles of men who state that they’d prefer a girlfriend who’s “natural” (meaning no surgery, no implants) over an hyper feminine trans girl with enhanced boobs, hips…

I for once had a girlfriend (long ago) who was dressed up as a boy during week days, and could only dress up as girl during week ends, and that was perfectly fine to me, I was in love with the person. I know she’s now living full time as a girl and happy.

My girlfriend now has done no surgery at all, and that’s perfectly fine too. She doesn’t have to do any surgery to please me, I’ll always love her the same, surgery or not. Of course I’ll be happy for her if she does, because I know she’s doing it for her own happiness.

So I think most trans attracted men like the stereotype of femininity, since most trans attracted men define themselves as straight. I’d like to hear what the men on this forum have to say about this!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie! I was at the premier and fell in love with it then. It is hands down one of the best and most direct trans-movies I have ever seen. It does highlight some of the problems that so many trans women face and does it with punch and a bit of humor.
I recommend it to everyone. I am so glad it’s publicly available now.

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hi there, where can i see the shortfilm now that the link is broken =(
amazing site you guys.