Identity and lifestyle

I thought this articles though it talks about gay guys could apply to many men who seek superficial encounters and have difficulties establishing depth and intimacy in relationships. As our community will grow and become more visible lets learn from the mistakes of both the gay and straight models and create something new that works for us. A model that is outside the box, free of the past and an inspiration to others. We are creative beings, lets make something of value rather than tolerating and settling for what does not work for us and others.

Joe, I think that enlightened men like yourself are not the type of men the author is describing. Many “admirers” or “tranny chasers” are just in it for the hunt. They have no desire to connect intimately with their chosen partners. I would vastly prefer an emotional attachment rather than a quick, salacious encounter. However, to each his own. Maybe some men motivated only by cheap thrills will come to this site and realize that forming a meaningful relationship is better or preferred to what they have been doing, I doubt it.