Is it wrong to think this way

Im going to make this as short as possible. I am attracted to trans women and proud to say it but there have been something that been on my mind. Is it wrong to say I’m just attracted to trans women and not biological women ? I wanted to ask trans women this question because I feel like I don’t connect with biological women. I’m apologize if this question offend any trans women

You are free to be attracted to whom and whatever you like. There are no rules you need to follow. Just avoid abusing kids and animals. Thank you for sharing.

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Maybe the answare is recognize them the way they are. Look away from all labels such as “trans”. Well, in that case "female and “male” are labels too - hehe.

I think a vast majority of trans persons appreciate if they are recognized for the gender they front. A trans woman appreciate being recognized as a female. A trans man appreciate being recognized as a male.

To make it clear. Do them a favor and title them either as male or female. No point in point them out as trans. This way you are attracted to females. After all they are just born with the wrong plumber system.

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From my experience there are a diversity of men (I include transmen here) who are attracted to transwomen and they come from diverse sexual identities and feelings. But first before you start reading and fuming over what I have written, you (and others) may well see things very differently, including through your own cultural lens and life experiences. Also, I have only written about trans-women as I have non idea about dating for transmen - although some are very cute lol.

Trans-oriented men, or Trans-attracted men, are purely attracted to transwomen only. These men say they feel attracted equally to pre-op and no-op transwoman, but not post-op transwomen. Gynesexual is a term that describes men who are attracted towards ‘femininity or ‘feminine behaviour’ and find no-op transwoman and feminine type males, including crossdressers, attractive.

Identifying themselves as ‘straight’, some men feel a strong attraction to post-op trans-women but less attraction to cis-women. However, there are men who feel a strong attraction to cis-females and less, or no attraction to transwomen who also identify themselves as ‘straight’. And some men identifying as ‘straight’ are equally attracted to both post-op transwomen and cis-women. There are also ‘straight’ men who feel attracted towards pre-op transwomen, post-op transwomen and cis-females, but are not attracted towards non-op transwomen.

Gay men are not usually not attracted to transwomen because gay men are attracted to men and transwomen have something ‘female’ about them. So gay men (mostly) feel any feminisation is opposite to their tastes. There are men who are attracted to transwomen, cis-women and men as well, these men tend to identify as ‘bisexual’.

Regardless of how you identify, have fun and stay safe in your dating life.

Hugz from Emily :slight_smile:

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No, there is nothing wrong with being attracted to trans women, period. If stating your feelings / preferences and being open with your sexual orientation makes someone else feel offended - the problem is with them. Your attraction is both normal and relatively common.


I’m a trans woman, and I’m not offended in the least.

I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with the attraction you’ve described. You’re attracted to whom you’re attracted to.

There is just one little thing here – and I’m not even implying that this is the case with you. But some men attribute to trans women some sort of exceptional level of femininity. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting a feminine partner, it’s a bit presumptuous to think that all trans women truly are super feminine. Also – and I think I speak for the overwhelming majority of trans women here – comparisons to non-trans women can be very off-putting, even if they’re “positive” or well intentioned.


I completely had the vision of you dusting off your hands in a ‘that’s handled’ way! LOL! Great comment.