Men not presentling girlfriend to parents

Another story focused on the tg though the headline is about the guy. Seems she gave the interview and provided the photos. I guess the cat is out of the bag now. I wonder how he feels about it.

WOW!!! I totally understand what he’s going through and see why he would want to keep her away, as harmful as it may seem, he doesn’t want his families ignorance to shatter his relationship since you can choose who you want to be with but not your family.

For me also, telling my family was the final stage. First I told my friends, then I told my workmates, then I told my sister, and finally I told my parents. Surprisingly enough, the worst reaction came from my childhood friend, and the best reaction came from my dad.

Maki felt bad that my childhood friend turned away from me, but as I told her, if he can’t accept something as basic as that, then I don’t see why we should remain friends. We need to surround ourselves with people who bring us up, not down. We can’t replace our family however… that’s a roll of dice, you never know until you do it.

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I question how serious The Mirror are. I question that Dale and Hannah are autentic.

I have seen an interview in a magazine where the interviewer actually never did interview the object. The interview were made up.