Mrs. Fletcher is a series on HBO that has a Trans woman/male relationship

If you have access to HBO they have a series called Mrs. Fletcher. The central character is a newly divorced woman who suddenly finds internet porn and starts having some Walter Mitty moments that can be pretty funny. There is a side story about a trans woman teaching a creative writing class Mrs. Fletcher attends where a mutual attraction between the teacher and one of her adult students develops. I have not watched the whole series, so I’m not going to weigh in on it or how it handles the trans/guy relationship, but what I have watched has been pretty good. Only putting this out there as information.

Yes! I watched the entire thing and loved it. I hope there is a second season. Another HBO series, Euphoria, also has a transgender character played by a young woman named Hunter Schafer.

I’m glad to hear the good review! I’ll will be looking forward to finishing the rest of the episodes now.

Definitely. The community college teacher is played by a transgender woman named Jen Richards. I read that it will continue for a second season.

I’ll have to look her up on the web. She’s a pretty woman.