Muy simpatico pair of lovers

I have posted before about how well matched my girlfriend and I are in personalities and our sexual orientation. She is a pure top and I love being her pure bottom.

The other day when we were chatting I told her that I had something to confess. I was kind of embarrassed about it but I wanted to tell her anyway. So I told her that I fantasize when we are together that she is making me pregnant.

Yes, ridiculous I know but I can’t help it. I am content being a man but I still fantasize that she is the one doing the insemination.

After I told her, she was laughing and she told me that she has the exact same fantasy. She said she imagines that she is making me pregnant too! We both laughed about the absurdity of it all but we still enjoyed thinking about it. Human beings, what will they think of next?

You two are so darn well made for each other! I’m going to be heart broken if you don’t end up living together! I love that you two have that fantasy too. There are a lot of people out there that feel that way, and why not? To make a child together is a very intimate and loving act. And to imagine her womanly, curvaceous body impregnating you is darn erotic to boot!

I thought you would be the one to enjoy hearing about it. It’s a very strange gender bending fantasy but then that’s the nature of our whole sexual relationship. Anyone who sees us together must think we are a normal couple but little do they know lol!

With the vaccine on the horizon maybe we will be together early next year. It’s been a terrible year but we have managed to get through it.

Guilty as charged! LOL! I have my fingers crossed for the vaccine to be a bridge to get you two back together!