My introduction to the group

Hi guys,

I’m Robert, R.U. Wild/ruwild is my pen name when I’m writing, but here you all can just call me Robert. I’m 56, well on my way to 57.

You guys can ask me pretty much anything and I will give you an honest answer.

Thanks for putting this group together, it’s really hard for me to find people to talk about concerning this.

Sorry about that original post. I didn’t intend to be inappropriate, but after rereading it I could see where it could be construed that way. I don’t have any actual experiences so I’m just here to learn.


What was the original post? I don’t see anything else?

I edited it out. I had used some unacceptable transwoman terminology and wasn’t really telling my story so much as explaining my dream situation. It was the wrong kind of TMI. LOL! But thanks for looking! I assumed that since no one had replied I had offended the group. Now I think there’s sadly just not much of a group any longer.

It’s understandable. Most guys first see transgender women on porn sites where they use words like tranny and shemale etc. It’s only later they discover that nearly all transgender women don’t like these terms.

My own first encounter with a transgender woman occurred on a chat site with someone I chatted with for months before she told me. So that was kind of an unusual beginning I think.

This site is rather quiet but it’s always interesting to see some new life here.

Thanks for the prop up. I’m trying to mend my evil ways. LOL! I’ve been thinking about posting some topics to stir things up, but just a little. I don’t want anyone angry.

Post away and liven it up a little.

I posted one today. Let’s see where it goes…