Oh my god, an other trans-attracted!

Hi, I’m Anthony, I live in France, I’m 39-years, I have a young child and I’m a trans-attracted and proud of it. “Proud of it”, yes it’s sound good but it’s easy to say that in my head or in this forum, but is it really true?
In fact, my family and my friends don’t known nothing about it.
I feel like an hetero, but if I have the choice beetween a girl or a trans, my choice is easy, I choose the trans. But I have never had any story with a trans.

So now I want to stop with all this ambiguity, I want to be trans-attracted, clear and loud.
Last week I have decided to sign-in in a certain dating site, and I think it’s one of the better thing I did.
No more lies, just accept my sexuality, just be myself.

To finish, I want to thank Cyril, for everything you do. I have already congratulate your lady on your site. But you also deserve congratulations. Merci et bravo

(Sorry for my bad english)


Hello Anthony ! Glad to hear about you… Well, I suppose I could write everything in french regarding that I am french myself but the other ones would not understand us :stuck_out_tongue:

I just red your presentation and… whoowh ! Something call me. I am that type of men who feel attracted to people mainly for what they are inside than outside, even if the outside counts. My interest in someone is, consequently, especially base on what someone exhales in his/her personality. That involves there can be “beautiful” people who totally don’t interest me at all for not having a corresponding personality, and some others who are not so “aesthetic” but who I feel totally in connection with. That’s a part of what explains I feel also trans-attracted. Obviously, there is another reason which is that being a trangender people involves, in my point of view, to know at least a bit from each side, man and woman, and maybe to have that wonderful personality which would be a mix between both man and woman. (In my state of mind, a transgender people, whatever if he/she feels to be a man or a woman, he/she is pretty more than both a man or a woman, and, according to my way of being attracted, I feel to be highly potentially more attracted to transgender people than those who are not, because of all that delightfull “complexity”.

But as I red it, you said that if you had to choose, you would prefer to live with a transgender people, and I am interesting in knowing your explanation about that, if you want to. Have you ever thought about what makes it so clear into your mind ?

Hoping to read you soon, you’re very welcome to that place, man. :wink:

Take care of you and have a nice week end. :wink:


this post right here is gold welcome Anthony to the brotherhood :slight_smile: im going through the same thing as you bro im coming to terms with it as well and this website helps in that it shows that you are not alone cheers brother!!!

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man your posts are always motivating me bro i love the way you think


Thank you very much :slight_smile:
Just be ourselves, it’s not that complicated… In life the most simple things are not often that simple.

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Hi, thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
Just an image to illustrate why is so clear in my head:
How many times, when I was making love to a woman, I had to close my eyes, and imagine that she was a ladyboy to orgasm.
So after I felt so guilty, than I could’nt make love anymore. It’s exactly why the mother of my child and I have split up.

An other thing for choosing a transgender woman than a woman, but this time it’s purely intellectual:
Feminism. Sure I always been for the freedom of the women, I always rejected the “pater familias” model of our society, I know that is really hard for many woman to live freely and I’ll always fight for the gender equality.
But in my life I always met feminists, and I don’t want to feel guilty anymore for something totally foreign from myself. That’s the problem when you’ve been a political activist so many years, you meet activist women…

I hope that you understand more why it’s so clear for me.

Ah ah :slight_smile: That’s my pleasure if it does ! :slight_smile: You cannot imagine how important it is to me to read things like what you just said ! It’s… Like a bowl of fresh air into the lungs, heart and head ! :slight_smile: By the way, how do you feel these last times ? Have you got a nice week and week-end ?

Hi Anthony. I’m glad that you accepted to reply. :slight_smile: I understand in the heart (not in the mind) what you used to feel about ladyboy and why you were kinda obliged to admit your attraction to ladyboy at a moment. Feeling the need to think to a ladyboy to earn orgasm… I haven’t known such an experience but I had another similar one with my ex-girlfriend who let me remember how it can feels guilty to live things like we did.

However, there’s something I am not sure to understand well and I wouldn’t like to interpret your explanations. You said :

How exactly feminism could let you feel guilty for being attracted to ladyboy ? I am not really aware of all parts of “Feminism Fight” even if I know a bit about the topic. But, for me, there’s no “Feminism” but “Feminity”. And I already got troubles to admit there are still people to be convinced it should exist “two legal worlds”, one for men and one for women that, for me, to tell women should get the same rights than men is so obvious that I cannot even understand we still have to debate 'bout it. :slight_smile: Isn’t it a great time to simply admit we only need one another each other in society as in life ? :slight_smile: Society and its way to arrange people… what a waste of time !

But whatever… I feel interested in getting your feeling about feminism and your guilty feeling. Because I don’t feel able to get the connection between both all alone. :stuck_out_tongue: If it doesn’t bother you, obviously.

im alright bro still learning as i go you know how about you bro? hope you are well bro!!!:grin:

lol like you reading my mind i too am attracted to trans women more than cisgender women idk why that is but ive come to accept it :relieved:

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Ok let me explain more clearly.
I’m not against feminism, not at all. I have just the misfortune to meet women who can’t really trust you just because you’re a guy. yes just because you’re a guy. So I finished by think that I was guilty to be a guy. Maybe they were just crazy, maybe they didn’t resolved the problem with their father etc…, it’s not the problem. But in fact they helped me in the way of my awareness, ,and I thanks them for that.

I did a work on myself, the purpose was “never be a victim anymore”. And it changed my life.
(I’ve wrote guilty in place of victim, what a faboulus slip (lapsus in french))


yeah, and we feel so much better, when we accept it :slight_smile:

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agreed!!! just talking about this it feels like a weights off your shoulders and i feel pretty good thank you for you post brother :grin:

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: thank you.

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Hmmm. Yes… I get you, now. :slight_smile: I have already talk to feminist girls… Some are so much voracious that they totally fall in a crazy agressive and close-minded behaviour, especially against guys, like if we were all mistreating them ! One of them even managed to quarrel with me while I was telling her that I agreed with her. In fact, I really feel like I wanted to scorn them for having such a behaviour because, in their ridiculousness, they totally debunk the inner and legitimate fight of any woman for her rights, by being as close-minded and agressive as those guys they are blaming for, pretending, at the same time, to serve women’s rights. It’s far enough to feel lost and confused about what to think about feminist sometimes. Hopefully these crazy girls owned a special designation in feminist world : “feminazies” Maybe you felt on some of them ?

So… Yeah, I understand you well. I used some other words to talk about it, saying that I felt attracted to ladyboy thanks to them being kinda more than just a man or a woman while being at the same time, in the sorta middle of both a man and a woman. For my part, I think this helps a lot to be completely according to the other one in all the dimensions of one’s life when being, as I am, quite complex in my own personality. Like if I had to find back at the same time a male and a female dimension in the same person to be completely happy in a relationship. But I am not as convinced as you already are, guys, that only a ladyboy could offer me that luck. Maybe there are some particularily feminine guys who could also… I don’t know… I tried with a “viril” girl but… it didn’t match at all :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree 100%. :slight_smile:
For me being bisexual is more natural than being heterosexual. There are many examples in wild life.

For sure ! :slight_smile: I red an article about the animal sexuality recently and it appears that those who pretend homosexuality and bisexuality don’t exist in the nature are just telling big bullshits ! :slight_smile: Almost all animals have some sorta complex sexuality which includes homosexual and bisexual behaviour between them.

In fact it’s more almost mammals, I don’t think that insects, worms, or jellyfishs are looking for pleasure in sex :slight_smile:

Yes, it will be surprising, indeed. :slight_smile:

Hi Anthony,

Welcome here and thank you for your introduction and your kind words :smiley:

I can relate to your experience with the feminazis, a bunch of them probably had an influence on me turning away from French (trans) women at some point. I find life simpler and easier with an Asian ladyboy / trans woman. And in fact I’m a feminist myself, I always helped women to empower themselves and be independent. I met many French trans women who hated men (and even more trans attracted men), it was very sad, they hated the very men who loved them. In Asia, I don’t think I ever met a ladyboy / trans woman who wasn’t happy to be loved by trans attracted men.

Of course, I can’t generalise. But I wish social norms will improve in France in the future. I believe my site helps a little, if it helps more men accept their attraction, then it will naturally radiate around them and have a positive impact on how society sees us in general.

Anyways, I’m glad you found us, and welcome again here!