Our first meeting

I just came from Asia last week. My mission in Asia was to meet my girl friend for almost one year. We met for the very first time and did spend 4 full weeks together.

After my return back home, I told my family about my relationship. The reaction from my closest family were as I did expect. Full acceptance from all involved.

I had a successful stay in Asia. Me girl friend might have been shy when we met but nothing to mention. It was a great success from the very first moment. Our first impression were the same. Both were a bit taller than we expected. Except from this it was like we were a long term couple being reunited for 4 weeks. It was like we had known eachother forever.

Her family which consists approximately of 15 persons did welcome me and I felt like a part of her family from the first moment. We all had a great time together.

By June 2016 I am planning to go back. We are working on her VISA to Europe. We just need to convince the immigration authorities that we are having a serious relationship.


Sounds great :smiley:


I hope all turns out well and ends positively.

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Thank you!

The prospects are good. This feels just right to me. She is the woman I want.



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I sure hope so, dating transwoman can be difficult but so is dating anybody, I know I’ve been searching but I haven’t given up hope.

Oh OK. I see, so you haven’t found your chosen one, kingpiccolo. I think I have to look up your introductory post. I do not recall your story.

I don’t know where I’d been at if I lived in a big city and being able to date transwomen. I met my woman on the opposite side of the world. I know that I have been lucky but we got this chance and we better our relationship work yet about the future we can only find answares in tarot; we know nothing, really.

I can only wish you good luck in looking for your woman. I turn 50 this xmas and have never had any relationship ever. Now the time is mine. You never know, all of a sudden she will appear right in front of you. It’s an amazing feeling. Love conquers all.


True I wasn’t trying to be negative or anything I just know difficult it is to find the right one Cis or trans so its great to hear you found yours :smile:

Hehe - It wasn’t my impression that you tried to be negative or ironic.

I am trying to say that I might been in your shoes if I lived in a big city. Who knows. And I really do hope you will find your girl. That’d be just great.


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Thanks for the shot of good luck appreciate it :slight_smile: maybe one day

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Good for you and best of luck to you both. Thanks for sharing! :smile:


Thank you, Joe! I appreciate. :smiley:

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About time for an update. I did promise some of you guys to update you.

[quote=“Morten, post:1, topic:82”]
By June 2016 I am planning to go back.[/quote]

I failed to visit my girl friend this June but I just booked a flight and stay in Visayas (PH) in the fall. From fail to fall. Ehmm - uhmm. I got an digression to Winnie the Pooh here.

I have been in contact with a Norwegian “pioneer”. He did marry his TG pinay (female filipino) in Norway in 2012. He is a great inspiration for me. I accidently ran into him on a Norwegian-Filipino website.

Norway is one of the most liberal contries in the world when it comes to LGBT. Generally I follow the same law as any Norwegian. The only difference is that LGBT need marry domestic but that may change or already is. I haven’t checked out. On the other hand traditional marriage may be done in a Norwegian Embassy or a Norwegian Sailor’s Church which is located in any continent and even more countries around the world.

However it’s estimated that we pay 3-4 visits untill we apply for visa in order to prove for the authorities that our love is true. This is mandatory.

Rough time schedule:

2016 October 2nd visit
2017 April/May/June 3rd visit
2018 January 4th visit

Early 2018 apply for 6 months fiance visa.
2018 marry
2018/2019 return to the PH after fiance visa expires
2019 apply for family reunion
2019/2020 settle together wife and husband

Oh my! Patience. Up to 3.5 years remaining but no more. Good thing is that soon things start to happen more frequent.


All the Best brother!!!


Congratulations I hope all goes well.

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Yes congratulation to you Morten ! I didn’t read your introduction (just came here for few days) but I’m very glad that you were able to show yourself so brave for that love you have now. Plus, it sounds… very helpful for me to hear about your story. Near to be 50 years old and finaly happy. I take it as “If he managed to do this, so I will !”. And that’s releasing to me while I am looking for the great One for so many years already without having managed to find her/him.

People like you, who never gave up their dreams are really those who give me strength when thinking “It’s possible !” Human’s World is lucky to have people like you. :wink: And so it is for those who are very able to show themselves courageous and resistant when opening themselves to others with empathy, kindness and dreams to share. :slight_smile:

That Jinn I am wish you all the best with your partner, from now… till never :wink: We’ll see if I am able to realise wishes :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome, Jinn!

Thank you for your support and kind words! I feel a bit brave but most of all I feel lucky. I feel lucky because I wasn’t paralized in fear. I couldn’t resist my attraction. I had to follow my heart. Follow my heart is a key word…

I hope you can do it too for your own sake. A relationship might make you very happy- simply in love and likely your environment will be supportive. Worst case scenario might be that some will turn their back at you but look at that in a positive way. Then you and your girl can be in peace. Chances is anyways that you and your girl will have eyes for eachothers only. You may know fresh love can be intense and fun.

Best wishes for you, Jinn!

Update time!

My second visit to my girl in Asia came to an end. I am back home. Two more visits to go till we can apply for fiance visa.

I had 3 great weeks with my girl. Also we had the pleasure to meet Cyril and his girl.

Next visit will be in the spring 2017…

It’s been a while since last I did log in. It’s time to update.

Third visit to my girl done this May/June. Three down, one more to go. That will be the coming christmas.

I keep up with my schedule. It’s a blessing!

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And finally broke up on Valentine’s Day 2018.

I want no sympathy. I am just glad the relationship ended. The faster the better. I am fine with that we broke up. I don’t fel sorry.

When we lay a puzzle, we start with all pices. In retro spective I got all pieces to lay my puzzle; to see the picture.

To be honest I don’t know what happened. I can only guess.

We had our issues but who don’t. I can say for 100 %. Never did I disrespect my ex. I never did harm to her. I never said bad things about her and called her bad names. I was 100 % serious about my relationship.

I did visit my ex by christmas 2018. When I left, I didn’t bother hug her at the airport. I thought that I will be surprised if the relationship will last much longer. We broke up by Valentine’s Day some weeks later.

First of all my ex didn’t apply for fiance visa in November. We had planned this so well for 3 years. She told me she didn’t fins time.She had to deliver due to several factors or she had to wait another 12 months. Also timing is very important.

When I came to visit her, she told me not to kiss her, not hug her, she would not let me caress her. This started from the second time I did visit her. We stayed in Cebu City at that time.

A few days before Valentine’s Day 2018, she asked me to send her money. I said no. I won’t send you money. I can’t affort right now and you didn’t apply for visa. I don’t know if you want to come here.

She did send a mass Valentine’s greeting to all friends on messenger. I thought that was not personally for me. I wrote her a nice Valentine’s greeting but she didn’t reply and I didn’t hear from her again.

Friday the same week I came from work. Still silent. By two occations I was about to send her a message that I am leaving her but I didn’t find the right words. By the third occation I did message her. It was between 8pm and 9pm (3am-4am PH time): I don’t have the right feelings for you anymore.

She was typing back. She was awake but I did find the block button before her message came through.

Her family did find out about 4 weeks later. My ex broke down when they asked her about us. Simulationusly there were contact between my ex and me. well, we gave it try and I told my ex that I wanted to see a new side of her but she did behave for 1 day and then it was back to ignoring me stating she was busy even tho I could see the green light whenever she were online and doing video calls. But she didn’t have time for me. We had a fight over that she said she was busy but online and that she didn’t change. I wrote her a message that I am leaving.

I think she never were into the relationship but somehow she wouldn’t tell me. She may have tried for some reason but there were absolute no chance she could go on. I am just happy I didn’t bring the problem to my house.

I am done with TG. I had a relationship to another PH TG but after 10 months she made other plans. She wanted to go to London. Hey! I said, what about me? I am in Norway. She had to think about her own future, she said. OK, bye, I said.

But I didn’t waste lots of money travelling the world to see her several times like I did with my recent ex. TGs outside Europe is too risky for me economically. I risk a vast of money and get nothing back.The piece tho money can’t buy. I escaped the trap of trouble. No words can praise how happy I am for that.

I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you. It sounds like you were doing all the work, and she wasn’t living up to her side of the bargain.

I don’t know if it’s any consolation, but at least you did get out of the relationship before it got worse.