Tangerine (2015, movie)

I went to watch this film this evening and it was really fun. Great acting, very natural and realistic. I would recommend it.

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Looks like a great movie. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be playing in Montreal. Guess I’ll have to wait for the DVD release.

You missed it when it played in Montreal.

Definitely worth watching. Sleeper hit of 2015.


Netflix added the film very recently idk if Canada’s Netflix is really that different but it may also be there so fyi if anyone else wanted to see it


I’ve heard that before that different countries ban or prohibit certain films or TV shows and that Netflix maybe doing something about it.

Supposedly Netflix is now available in all countries with the same catalogue. I don’t use Netflix so I can’t confirm by experience (the Internet is too bad in the Philippines to stream movies), but that’s what their blog says https://media.netflix.com/en/press-releases/netflix-is-now-available-around-the-world

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I’ve seen it I thought it was ok no great cinema but did tell a story that was entertaining.

loved this movie very raw…touches upon some interesting topics and I loved the way it was done amateur with I believe with an iPhone but it was a very good film worth a watch

can confirm saw it on the Canadian Netflix