The cross dressing question

One of the questions that I get asked a lot after people learn about my relationship with my girlfriend is this: do I dress in women’s clothes?

I have never worn women’s clothes and I have absolutely no desire to do so. I don’t see anything wrong with cross dressing but it has zero appeal for me. I would probably be more likely to wear a gorilla costume in public than women’s clothes.

Sometimes I get asked, do I dress in women’s clothes too, which may imply that my girlfriend is a cross dresser. Many people use cross dressing as a step towards a change in their gender identity but many people simply like to wear the clothes of the opposite gender.

I always point out that my girlfriend has worn women’s clothes since she was three years old as an expression of her female gender identity. She has never worn male attire in her life which says a lot about her parents respecting her desires even as a child. Every transgender child should be so lucky!

As for myself, although my girlfriend and I engage in some gender bending fantasies, that’s where it stops. In public, she likes us to appear as a normal opposite gender couple. I think for her there is a kind of validation of her gender identity as a woman by our appearance as a normal straight couple. Which is what we are. When we are not in bed together!