Top guys, what draws you to Transwomen?

As a guy that would like to bottom for a transwoman I know what interests me in a transgirl, and it’s something that non transgirls just don’t have. (Yes, I know that makes me sound like a ‘Chaser’) Where as, guy that is a top only must be drawn by something more, what is it?

Interesting question because I have wondered this myself. For a top guy, anything you can do with a transgender woman you can do with a cisgender woman. So while I understand how a guy could just end up falling in love with a woman who just happened to be transgender, I don’t understand why a top guy would seek out a transgender woman in particular.

Exactly! That is the exact reason for the question!

Crickets. I was actually curious too. Especially since most guys who are interested in transgender women are actually tops or versatile. Another unsolved mystery.

Well in my opinion that means they are all just bottom that are too afraid to admit it…

I think I have communicated with over 500 transgender women in the last few years and hardly any of them were tops. Maybe more guys would be bottoms if more girls were tops but the vast majority of guys are tops. In fact my being a pure bottom was a huge deal breaker. Whether it’s gender dysphoria or traditional thinking, transgender women want to be bottoms. Which I understand completely. In fact, what I don’t understand is my own nature.

I get that most trans women are bottoms and I understand why. Like you I struggle with understanding my nature. Why do I find bottoming for a woman so darn erotic? Why do I like something that all the rest of my guy friends would find abhorrent? Why, why, why? LOL! Maybe I’ll grow out of it.

Yes, it makes no sense to me either. When I realized my desires, I spent ten years before acting on them. Even then, I was very conflicted. There was one woman that I had spent months chatting with and arranged a flight and hotel to meet her. A week before I was to go, I chickened out and broke off with her. When I finally did go to meet someone in Hong Kong, I basically forced myself to follow through on it. It’s been quite a journey.

If I were not married I would pursue those experiences as you have, but, as I’ve said before, it is not worth giving up on a good marriage just to dabble. I’m glad that you had the courage to push through and find your happiness.

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I am curious why you come to a site like this if you are resolved not to act on your desires. Does talking about it help?

Actually it does. I sound pretty good when I put in words how committed I am to my marriage, but there are days when I’m ready to throw it all in the dustbin for one incredible weekend of passion filled trans woman sex. This helps me work through those weak days when my hormones are running amuck.

Then you have guys like me saying it’s the peak sexual experience of their life. And that’s including the threesomes with my ex and our friend lol. Maybe hearing the experiences of others is enough to keep you on the straight and narrow. Do you talk to any other bottom guys?

Yea, I guess that must be it, and I only talk to other bottoms if they send me feedback on my stories.

The other day a guy on the literotica forum asked me if my girlfriend and I do 69. I said no because she has no interest in my genitalia. Then I thought about it and I said that basically I am her sex slave using my body to satisfy her. Which is something I love to do for her. My question is why I get such satisfaction from this? I am not a submissive guy in regular life but clearly I am in the bedroom.

You’re pushing a lot of other sub’s buttons when you give them comments like that! LOL!! Who knows why we’re subs in the bedroom, but not elsewhere. If you figure it out please let me in on the secret.

I have been thinking about it a lot so I decided to make a new topic.

Good deal! Let’s delve a little deeper into this topic! Maybe I’ll get some answers!