Trans/cis man wedding

How do you guys feel about marriage? Is it something you’d like for yourself and you feel it’s social progress or just imitating an old traditional model? I think to each their own and I celebrate their choice.


Wow, that is one kind of a question to answare! This question has faced answares.

Generally_I_think_transattracted men’s view on marriage are average. For believers marriage are unquestionable.

I have had an ambivalent view on religion since I was a kid. I am christened but not confirmed. For many years I didn’t know what to think about god. I guess I was no believer. In the recent years I have opened up for god’s existence but necessarily no biblical god even tho I respect any view on god and religion.

Personally I tend to look at christian ceremonies as nice traditions more than a promise and confirmation to god. I could live unmarried with a girl friend. My situation is that marriage is the key for her visa and I am willing to do what it takes in order to settle with her. It’s no proforma marriage. I need my girl friend here with me like any other intercontinental couples. Basically my marriage will be based on love whatsoever.

I can apply for a church wedding but likely we will have a civil wedding due to traditional christian practice which do not recognize same sex marriage. If the local gospel accept a church wedding, I will concider.

Most important is to get married but I admit a church wedding have greater status. For my girl friend as a catholic believer standing white bride must be “every woman’s dream”. On the other hand we may be unable to conduct the ceremony. My brother would follow her up the aisle. I know he would. I can’t see how we could bring her family to our wedding.

What if my girl friend were a next door girl? It’d be great to marry her. I admit. I think marriage is a great ceremony and cymbol in order to confirm my love.

I think this is what you are asking. :grinning:


It’s everything and Nothing

It’s a tradition that shouldn’t matter but it gives you more rights which is silly
I understand the importance of marriage to trans women though and part of me wants to get married anywhere

I’m a youngster (21) and so maybe this is just my age group but a lot of cis women i know have no interest in marriage at all and they tend to be the smart girls the lower intellect girls are all gungho about marriage they want to skip dating and be married

Trans women seem to be one group who seems more reasonable which marriage and maybe it’s because I romanticize it as well but just seems like a better fit you know?

I guess all I’m saying is it’s outdated and i want tit on some level


I just attended a weddings ceremony this Sunday in Manila, Philippines. The girl is a Filipino trans woman and the guy is Irish, both in their 30s. Same sex marriage is not legal in the Philippines, so this was only a Christian ceremony, with a real Catholic priest, and God was it beautiful!

The priest gave a very good speech about same sex marriage, about how the bible was written (within the context of 2000 years ago when it was perfectly acceptable to own slaves and stone unfaithful women and so on…) and should be interpreted with a current point of view nowadays, and that in the end the only rule that God asks us to follow is to love our neighbour. Which I agree on.

That being said, I’m not a religious person, but I’m all in for giving equal rights to trans couples. Call it civil partnership, marriage or whatever you like, but it is essential that a trans couple gets the same rights as other couples.

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Marriage is a beautiful thing when it is important to both in the couple. I am not a religious person but it is a display to the world of your commitment to one another. sometimes we forget the legal issues it solves too. Not just for buying a house either. What if the one you love has an accident or health issue and cannot speak for themselves. Who will stand up for them and make sure their wishes are followed. Or will you even be allowed to visit your loved one in the hospital. There are many good reasons for marriage to the right person.

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Since it’s fully and truly legal in all facets there is no sense in holding it off any or at all.