What is this magic?

My girlfriend and I met on a dating site and after we had chatted for ten months, we finally met in person. Neither of us was in love with the other when we met but we liked each other and we expected to have a pleasant few weeks with a lot of sex.

So we meet at the airport and we take a taxi to our hotel where she had already checked in earlier that day. Of course we immediately had sex as we planned but then something happened. Neither of us expected it and it happened to both of us.

As we were talking afterwards and getting ready to go out and eat, we realized that we were in love. A few hours before we had not been in love but now we were. We even expressed our commitment to one another. My girlfriend says that she felt as though we were now married and I felt that way too.

My question is why? How did this happen? You might say it was the sex but both of us had had sex with people without experiencing this phenomenon. For both of us, this was a first. It was almost as though a magic wand had been waved over us.

We entered the hotel room in lust and left it in love and it’s still a mystery to me.