Where are you all from? Organize locally!

Use this topic to post where you are from. If you find there are people in your area and you want to organize an in-person meet up to discuss trans-attraction or make some like-minded friends, send those people a private message via this site. Keep in mind that all of the content on this site is accessible to the public, so it probably best to only send contact information through private messages.

This Tuesday (8/25/15) is Trans Liberation Tuesday, a national Black Lives Matter day of action. I would like to get to a point where we, as trans-attracted men, can organize and have a presence at events/ actions such as this one. That is why it is so important for us to be making local contacts within the trans-attracted community in addition to having discussion on this site.

Oh and I am Tommy and I’m from Chicago. Let me know if you live around here!


I live in Northern Norway.

Norway consists of 5 million people. Southern Norway is most populated. It’s pretty small conditions in my district. For us Northern Norway is good enough info for contact.

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I am Adrian from Atlanta, GA I’m part of a transgender support group that is going to rally on Tuesday although I can’t be there I support there actions.


Hey Adrian I’m also in the Atlanta area or close enough anyhow. I’m David Btw
Nothing going on in my town(Macon) But i have always wondered about the Trans community in ATL I was at pride this year with friends and I saw some of the trans march which was cool but i really don’t know anything about the community in our State.

Well hello and salutations thanks for the reply sorry for the late response, but yes the LGBT community is very prominent in the Atl, I recently attended Atl gay PRIDE for the first time this year and it was an amazing experience.

I live in Cebu City, Philippines. Would be happy to meet up with fellows anytime, just hit me up.

I am in Denver, CO, USA and would love to meet other men like me to compare notes and get involved with transgender rights support.

I’m in Toronto more specifically the suburb of North York/Etobicoke :slight_smile:

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I’m from Montreal. Love to meet more gentlemen like myself.

Another Canadian awesome:sunglasses:! always wanted to visit Montreal heard the snow storms are no joke up there

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That’s true. Come to Montreal. I’ll be happy to play tour guide.

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Hi hello all, I’m in Bedfordshire in England

Hi Guys

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be on these forums, as they’re advertised as being for trans attracted (or trans oriented) men. You see I’m sick of the usual dating sites and stumbled across this forum when searching for better pastures, so to speak. I just loved reading what all you guys were thinking an all that, so I have sorta just stuck around. Anyway, I am from Australia and I currently live in Brisbane.

Hugs, Emily

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Hi, Emily:

Same here, to all of the above.:wink:

I’m in the US, not from the Canadian border. But after coming across this site and researching groups in my own area, I’ve started to put out feelers for a singles group for men and trans women. Short version: I think a group setting, events, and so on could help the men and the ladies get around the obstacles that we seem to be running into.



Hi everyone, I live in Montreal Canada. It’s good to see other canadians in this site.




I live in the Houston Texas area. I’m completely oblivious of the Trans community here. I would love to meet up with guys like myself. Are there events dedicated to transwomen?

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I’m from Los Angeles

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Cincinnati, Ohio here. Well that’s the closest big city. Like I said before, I’m a farm boy. LOL!

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